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I Help People Feel Capable & Powerful In Their Bodies

In My Classes You Find Freedom Through Expression

I’m an experienced and knowledgeable Dance & Pilates Instructor based in the UK, teaching and travelling worldwide.

Since 2014, I’ve been sharing my insight and experience with individuals and groups of all ages and abilities. Passionate about health, wellbeing, and personal empowerment, I help people heal through Reiki and Quantum Touch Healing modalities, and international retreats.

My students and clients experience a deep sense of comfort in the body and belonging in community.
To find out more, please get in touch.

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Olissa’s dance journey began at five years old with with rigorous ballet and contemporary training. After a childhood in an academy and a break from dance altogether, she returned to her foundations, only to be introduced to traditional West African dance by Alvin Ailey’s Ronald Brown. Instantly consumed by the style, she has since dedicated her training to movement originating in West and South Africa, Cuba, and Brazil.


Living and traveling internationally since 2009, she has studied and performed with a variety of masters.

Olissa has become deeply immersed in Afro-fusion movement from Brazil and West and South Africa.

The development of her freestyle grew from the conscious communities of the London and San Francisco House scenes. Magical connections with dancers, DJ’s, and serious beats, across countless dance floors, has inspired Olissa to combine her love for what these two worlds stand for and focus on their union both in spirit and in form: The celebration of life and its cycles which lives at the root of all African Dance forms and the celebration and deep acceptance that is House, has Olissa applying her technical training where these two worlds meet: Afro-fusion, Afro-House, and Freedom Technique!

Her energy comes from meaningful connections, diverse exchanges, and that drum.

Find Me in the UK, US, & Beyond!

UK +44 07707 066937

US +001 707 321 9725

Modern Ballet Dancer
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